Content governance and standards

Helping to Create Content Governance and Standards


When a founder approached us, she had a vision for the type of brand she wanted to build but lacked the clarity to bring it to life. We guided the brand through the process of establishing clear brand guidelines, encompassing voice, tone, messaging, and visual identity. With our strategic guidance, the brand has experienced remarkable growth, driving significant organic traffic to their website and other distribution channels. Together, we transformed her idea into a thriving brand with a growing online presence, captivating their target audience and standing out in a competitive market.

At a glance

Conducted a deep market research including competitors and keyword search

Wrote the brand message. selected the brand colors, tone, and gave the brand a name and a voice.

Edited the website theme and wrote all the content for the website, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Launched the brand online!


  • The brand didn’t know where to start in their content strategy, creation and distribution journey
  • They only had someone develop a website and they came to us with an empty website
  • They had no social media handles for the business
  • They knew nothing about Email marketing


  • We conducted both competitors and keyword search
  • Edited their WordPress theme and wrote all the content for the website.
  • We set up LinkedIn and Facebook handles for the businesses
  • Wrote the brand message. – Elevator pitch, copies, and emails.
  • Selected the brand colors, tone, and gave the brand a name and a voice.
  • Trained the team on how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to maximize their content creation and performance.
  • Created content calendar


  • The brand now know how to create content for their business leveraging AI tools
  • The continue to provide advices to plan, create and distribute content on the business handles.

Of course, for client’s confidentiality, we didn’t mention the name of the brand, but the story is true.

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